About Safety plus

We endeavour to deliver new learning experience with our innovative, fun loving and interactive training programs. Mostly, people attend various technical training programs in their company and they tend to develop a certain mind-set about them. We believe our unique programs will not only change the general mind-set but define the new standards of imparting these training programs.

Now a day, life has become a challenge and we need to be at our best to excel in our respective fields. People often struggle to strike a fine balance between work and life. Hectic schedules at workplace have become a pattern of life. This can lead to lot of health problems as they ignore their health and safety under the continuous work pressures and targets. Ultimately, this will not only affect the economy for a particular family but also mar the professional growth of the company as they fall ill or get injured in the process.Even a country cannot progress without healthy people who are not concerned about their safety on job.

Our training programs bring the level of commitment through intensive and interactive trainings, providing knowledge through latest techniques and continuous learning through newsletters/safety tips every month after the training programs.

Company Vision

Our passion is to impart education and training, reaching out to more and more Indians, irrespective of their age. To introduce programs through continuous research and development in tandem with international standards for health and safety. To transform communities with our proficient training programs in vernacular languages promoting awareness now and for future generations.

Mission Statement

We endeavour to provide education on health and safety to improve upon the basic attitude and behaviour towards health and safety across India. We have developed these programs in English, Hindi & Punjabi to promote learning through easy apprehension with layman terminology. We will develop these programs in vernacular languages in next 3 years. We have a plan to reach at least 25 cities in the first year with our learning programs. We will impart these training programs in Corporates, Private industries, govt. institutions, educational institutes, colleges and schools to promote awareness in the field of health and safety so that more lives can be saved.