Defensive Driving


Defensive driving is the only way which can ensure our safety on the roads. It is important not to lose your patience in heavy traffic conditions. One wrong action can take either somebody‘s life or you lose your own life.

Most of times, we tend to ignore the rules & regulations while driving either because of our arrogance or an act of stupidity. A common behaviour of jumping red lights can land you in trouble with traffic authorities. Even some people die because of such a dreadful ignorance.

Don’t be a fool! Always drive safely to your office, to your home.

We have seen lack of traffic common sense in people as they don’t give way to emergency vehicles as well as pedestrians.

Who has the right of way at the zebra crossing? Pedestrians or people driving vehicles.

Who has right of way at roundabout? A big vehicle, a speedy vehicle or none of these.

You want to exit the highway to reach petrol pump on left side. You gave an left indicator and before you take the left turn, a car suddenly comes out of the nowhere to pass your car from left side. Have you ever heard about blind spots?

You must have seen white, yellow markings on road. What does they signify?

Come, train with us and get all the answers you need to follow defensive driving.



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