Disaster Management


India is prone to different types of disasters. Disasters can be natural or man-made. We should always be prepared to face these disasters not only at our workplace where frequent trainings are being provided but also at our homes where most of family members are not sure what to do in case a disaster strikes. Proper and correct knowledge can be saviour against these disasters.

Normally to comply with requirements of Factories Act, companies conduct regular trainings and mock drills at their respective workplaces But only few people can replicate the same training and knowledge to prepare their family members against these disasters.

Take  scenario of Earthquake :  Although many industries conduct fire mock drills, seldom we see them conducting the earthquake fire drills. Guidelines have already come even to reinforce your buildings with modern techniques if your building is in dangerous seismic zone.What to do if stuck in a high rise building ? Run outside or duck under hard furniture

We will also demonstrate life saving techniques by making life jackets  out of household items, make use of ropes and knots for rescue purpose in case of floods.


1 Day/2 Days


Safety Plus


2 Years