Ergonomics means “Laws Of Work”. It is meant to provide all the adequate comfort to the worker during his work hours.

We all have heard “People who enjoy their work ,they enjoy their life as well”. Take your daily work routine : You come to office daily in the morning hours with a fresh mind to take up any assignment allotted to you according to the job requirement. As the day progresses, you tend to experience some stress and strain around vulnerable areas in your body. The morning enthusiasm and energy seems to leave you in the evening , your sitting postures changes from Centred sitting position to Declined sitting position and as a result ,you experience a lot of pain.

Some people may have neck pain, others may have low back pain. If this condition continues for a long time, you may get pain even in the morning hours and you cannot focus on your job , your performance goes down and you don’t seem to like anything around you.

Have this thing ever happened to you ? Have you ever thought why this pain happens to you only on frequent basis?

The answer to these questions is being hidden in your sitting postures, standing postures and even walking postures despite the sitting arrangement and working conditions around you.


4 hrs/1 Day


Safety Plus


2 Years

Note :- Survey of workstations and extended assessment of participants with RULA assessment tool.