First Aid


People normally think they know all about first aid. They even pre-empt the first aid training programs with a feeling that some doctor will come and teach them the procedure to apply bandages. But in a real life situation, we need first aid knowledge as our buddy because we cannot always have a doctor with us.

Being trained in first aid, we cannot get the license to replace the doctor as he is always needed to give the advance treatment as per the condition of the victim. But it is also true that a basic first aid can save a life. For example in case of a spinal injury, proper stabilization of the victim is necessary to prevent worsening of his injury. We may have encountered this life threatening situation when a road accident victim had been handled improperly because of our ignorance and as a result, the victim got paralysis for his entire life. This unwanted situation can be avoided by the timely and correct first aid.


4hrs/1Day/3 Days (TTT)


Safety Plus


2 Years