Fire Safety & Mock Drills


A Fire can become a major emergency within a few minutes. In the past with fire prevention procedures in place, companies felt secured and safe with upkeep of suitable fire extinguishers in their respective workplace. As the time passed and they went along with facing real fire accidents, they tend to realize that a proper training is required to the employees to use the fire extinguisher. This will not only save the property but also save the precious lives.

Think about this scenario: A CEO of a big multinational company is working in his office. Suddenly a fire broke out in one of electrical switch installed in the room because of loose wire connection. What he will do if he is not trained enough to tackle this fire emergency situation? He will definitely try to call the Chief of Security/Safety for the company who in turn passes on the responsibility to nearby available firefighters.

Now if the company has already trained the employees in fire fighting to handle this typical fire scenario, then they surely will be able to rescue the CEO from the scene and try to minimize the damage to the property. Otherwise some of security guards are going to run to the scene but on their arrival, a small fire has already turned into a big fire which will be difficult to control.


4 hrs/1 Day


Safety Plus


2 Years