Stress Management


Stress is itself not a disease but it is considered to be mother of all diseases. When we come under stress, we tend to wonder why this is happening to me only while everyone else around me is doing just fine.

You are not alone! Stress can happen to anyone. We cannot avoid stress coming into our lives but stress can be managed effectively to maintain our vital happiness.

Now a million dollar question is “How to manage Stress?”.  It is entirely dependent upon your CHOICE, your ATTITUDE.

In a given situation, one person sees only stress for himself (Micro view) while the other person sees the opportunity to grow in the organization.( Macro view- View from the Top).

Don’t be surprised! Stress can be natural as well as man made. It is normal or natural to come under stress when we lost some loved one, lost a job, lost a life partner because of divorce etc.

It is man-made when we take stress out of nothing. For eg  Your colleague got the early promotion while you were in the queue from a long time. You can see the glass with water either half empty or half full. Again it’s your choice to challenge your thinking, challenge your attitude. Positive thinking always gives you the strength to scroll though even the worst circumstances in your life.  Always stay Optimistic.




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