Frequently Asked Questions


What to do in case you encounter a brake failure with your vehicle?

First of all, try to get some brake pressure by pumping the brake pedal. Shift to a lower gear to help slow down the car and stop by using your parking brake. If you still cannot stop and are going downhill, try to drive into heavy bushes, snow, or a sandbank.


Who has the right to cross zebra crossing first- Pedestrian or a Driver with vehicle?

Pedestrians have the right to cross first not the driver at zebra crossing. Slow down your vehicle and always stop behind two white lines.


Why Accidents Happen?

According to WHO, India accounted for more than 2 Lakh deaths (2, 07,551) because of road accidents in 2014.  It is important to note that 94% of accidents happen due to human errors such as: over speeding, jumping red lights distracted driving, drunken driving, wrong overtaking. It means if we can take control of our driving behaviour , we can prevent accidents and precious lives can be saved.