School Safety


We all love our children and no body want any trouble or an emergency to come to their little ones. It is of utmost importance for the teachers to have knowledge about first aid .Otherwise it becomes a major tussle even for the teachers and school staff in case a child faces an emergency situation.

Although children may get small bleeding cut or a major strain/sprain in case they fall down during playtime, boarding/unboarding the bus. Apart from these, children may suffer from nosebleeds, a frequent emergency to be encountered especially in summer season. Teachers should be trained to tackle a rare emergency scenario known as choking as it can really cause big trouble and may land the child to the hospital.

Disaster management programs and mock drills have now become an integral part of school safety. Teachers along with children should be trained to tackle disasters such as earthquake, fire, heavy storm, floods etc.

Although adequate safety systems have been kept in place after the Supreme Court guidelines came for school safety. School authorities must develop a disaster management team internally which consists of teachers as well as senior students. Their team work is essential to promote safety culture among the school children.


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