Frequently Asked Questions


What to do if your clothes catch fire?

A blanket can be used to cut off oxygen supply or water can be used to put off the flames. It is important to remove victim’s constricting clothes & jewellery before swelling begins. Never run as it may flare up the fire due to more supply of oxygen. Instead follow “Stop, Drop and Roll” method in case you are alone.


Does this program includes mock drill?

Yes, one day module will cover classroom session on fire safety, development of ERT members followed by mock drill on evacuation, fire extinguisher & fire hydrant drills.


What is Fire Triangle?

Fire requires three elements to occur as follows :

  • Fuel – solid, liquid or gas.
  • Oxygen – Fire needs only an atmosphere with at least 16%oxygen.
  • Heat – Energy necessary to increase the temperature of the fuel.

Note :- Fire can be broken by removing one of these elements.