Frequently Asked Questions


How can these techniques help me to reduce stress?

Stress management is all about making a right choice and these simple techniques will be beneficial to make the right changes and regaining control of your life. Of course you can reduce your stress levels by implementing these techniques in your daily life.


Is Stress always negative?

No, stress can be positive and helps us to perform at our best. Stress becomes negative when the good stress becomes too much to bear or cope with.


How do I know if I am under stress?

You will have these alarming signs when you are under stress :

  • Feeling out of control
  • Take an offence or get angry easily
  • Worrying all the time
  • Avoid taking a new assignment at work
  • Get anxious often with trembling hands and sweaty palms.

Why stress happens to me only?

Stress can happen to anyone. But yes, some people may not feel that much stress as compared to others as they know how to achieve work-life balance; how to deal with difficult people etc.