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Behavioral Safety

Accept Your Responsibility

We always have seen the famous tag line used in an industry that “Safety is every person’s responsibility”. Going into depth of this statement, many true facts can come into the surface and help us in building a strong safety culture in the company.

Basics Of Safety Culture

Thousands of lives and millions of dollars can be saved by this noble practice. Start with 3 key things:

  • Explore the kind of work carried out in a given company.
  • List out the common risks associated with the designated task or work.
  • Awareness should be given to every worker about how to do the work properly following all the rules and guidelines set up by Safety deptt. or Safety Policy of the company.

Now you must be wondering that you already follow this process in your company but still struggling with the attitude of workers who let you down by getting injured and disturb all the vital numbers to score high on the scale of strong Safety culture.

For eg – We have installed traffic lights manned strictly by police to stop people from jumping red lights. Some people still do it and it remains one of the major causes of a road accident. Problem is neither with the traffic safety system nor with the efficiency of the policemen posted for the job.

The Real Problem

The real problem remains with the behaviour of an individual. Safety starts from your home. If a person doesn’t follow safety at home or on the way to office, it is not possible for him to follow safety at workplace.

Now let us flip the coin and see the other part of the story. A worker who is sole bread earner of his family is also concerned about his safety. He choose to ignore safety because of following reasons-

  • Pressure of meeting targets or deadlines.
  • Not fit – physically or mentally
  • Over confidence
  • To earn more money to do more work in less time.
  • Casual Attitude
  • Fatal Ignorance
  • Not being used to wear safety equipment’s

More reasons can be added but it is the casual attitude that can mar the safety culture in a big way.