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Road Safety Awareness

Road Accidents in India

According to Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, nearly 1.5 lakh people die in India because of road accidents.  It is also interesting to note that around 78 per cent of the accidents occur due to the “fault of drivers”.

Accept your Responsibility

There is urgent need for the people in India to accept their responsibility to reach the destination safely and save time, money and their precious lives. There are so many fools driving alongside you when it comes to safe driving. It is important not to fall in a trap set up by the careless and aggressive drivers.

Don’t Break Rules

Some people do it as a part of fun & excitement, some do it because they are in hurry, and some do it because of ignorance or lack of knowledge. No reason can be justified as one rule broken may cost you your precious life.

Start to Drive Defensively

There will always be someone in your family waiting for your arrival. Don’t disappoint them. Follow these 7 keys to start driving defensively from today onwards:

  • Check whether your vehicle is fit to drive.
  • Never drive without your protective equipment’s e.g., Helmet, seat belt.
  • Plan your travel route with traffic updates
  • Always drive with calm mind. You lose control when in hurry.
  • Avoid distractions e.g., Mobile use, eating and drinking.
  • Always adhere to speed limits.
  • Keep a zone of safety w.r.t. distance from the vehicle in front.

Be Responsible, Be Safe!